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Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform is a free run time report/form/chart designer and generator engine and multi-platform web/windows component servers. New generation of database independent .Net software development tool. Design once, run at once on web and windows. Enjoy!
For RAD web and windows component servers and other related products and documentations please contact

Related downloads:
  1. For how to run the application, download Instruction.
  2. For sample work file, download Sample File.
  3. For sample database, download Sample Database.
  4. To use chart functionality, download and install Office 2003 Add-in: Office Web Components.

Design View


RAD Platform features:
  • No need to programming. 'You make, end users change' at run time!
  • No need to compile and deploy. 'Publish changes after saving changes'!
  • 'Design once, run at once' simultaneously on web and windows!
  • Reports can be editable! (performs editing in form view)
  • Forms can be printable! (performs paging in print preview)
  • Creates various bindable chart views and editable tree grid views.
  • Supports any existing standard database (SQL Server, Oracle, ...).
  • Supports combination of different databases in one form/report/chart.
  • Manages security in hierarchical access control system.
  • Open source free redistributable package for personal use (1.7 MB).
  • Supports multilingual features (localizable)

RAD Platform advantages:
  • It simplifies development and deployment, just focus on design!
  • No need to major programming knowledge and experience.
  • Creates standard applications with more flexibility, accuracy, clarity, reliability and durability.
  • Minimizes production, test, deployment and maintenance time, cost and bug.
  • Makes the standalone applications.
  • Completes or covers disabilities of other applications.
  • Reduces dependency and stress on development person, team or company.

How it works:
This dynamic software development framework uses to connect to any standard database to create almost whole software application structures dynamically at run time consist of appearance and data connectivity as well as execution and distribution. After design once in the provided designer, all structures created in XML format, have the capability to run at both Web and Windows based environments of framework. Although these environments are parts of the stand alone run time engine but all the created structures can integrate with Visual Studio .Net and can run and manage under the versatile run time engine.

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